Dear community

Due to a series of catastrophic events, is offline for a while.

Fear not, we are rebuilding. And yes, I mean *re* building. From the ground up. And, as before, with the strength of this community, we will return... Bigger and better than ever. started a long time ago as a fun idea I just kinda had, and grew into the world's biggest and best AB community, and I believe it will happen again. Sometimes empires need to fall before they truly rise... So I'm thinking of this as a new beginning.

Work in progress

Thank you all for all your support!

It's fantastic that so many of you are interested in helping out, and how many of you have contributed to us - time, money, and help in so many ways!

It's been rough, but we're definitely making progress! Thanks to an incredibly talented group of people, our rebuild is coming along great. In just a few weeks, we'll be in closed beta, and I will be contacting several of you to help us test. Shortly thereafter, we'll open the beta to everyone who's indicated their interest. By September, we'll be fully live, with more to offer than ever before!

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